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Hey there! Welcome to Travel Bug Co., we're so glad you stopped by! Our lifestyle brand was founded by a team of escaped-the-9-to-5ers who could not resist their hunger for travel. Blogging, vlogging, photography, editing, entrepreneurship, and travelling the world brought our different walks of life together, and we are so grateful it did. Even though we all came from different backgrounds, had different skills, and studied different professions, we all had the same love and passions: being on the open road, climbing new heights, experiencing new cultures and seeing the world.


Every time we returned home from a trip, we would spend hours on Google looking at new destinations, leaving us with a strong urge to buy a plane ticket to anywhere. Eventually we got back into our daily routines and habits (as we all do) and looking at new vacation destinations turned into daily online shopping. Bridging the gap between the two habits, we went searching for shirts and sweaters for travelers. You know, cool travel logos, fun travel quotes, cute travel images and memes printed on clothes. But we then realized that none exists! We searched for hours and days, but we couldn't find any travel brand or apparel dedicated to travelers. Thus, the idea of Travel Bug Co. was born and we worked tirelessly to turn this idea into a reality. We know that there are sooo many globetrotters, digital nomads, backpackers, and world travelers out there and we wanted to create something just for you! Come on, there are brands targeting cat lovers, shirts for teachers, companies dedicated to athletes - but what about the travelers like you and me? We were determined to create something that you will be proud of wearing when you travel or even when you're at home waiting for your next trip. We wanted to be able to represent the travel bug in all of us and help you express your wanderlust.


So we got to work and put our heads down for months straight after an amazing trip to New Zealand. The adventures, thrills, Hobbiton and Maori villages in the North Island along with the amazing landscapes of South Island - Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Queenstown, Milford Sound to name a few - provided the perfect burst of inspiration for us. Majestic New Zealand got our creative juices flowing - OVER flowing! We couldn't wait to get back home to settle in (well, I mean, we COULD wait. We wanted to stay in New Zealand forever!) so that we could start bringing our ideas to life. We went through rounds of idea creation, put pen to paper, and started designing everything that you see in our store today ourselves. We are proud to say that all Travel Bug Co. designs are exclusive to our shop and were 100% created in-house.


So here we are in the present day, the first company and lifestyle brand to represent the wanderers, explorers, and world travelers. What makes our brand or designs different from other companies out there? (Besides the fact that we are made for travelers!) We like to keep it clean and simple, yet bold and eye-catching. If you love the cleaner cut style of minimalist typography with a touch of humour, you've come to the right place! It could be song lyrics, it could be travel-inspired quotes, or it could even be the very-real parts of traveling no one talks about that you see printed on our products. We love meaningful and bright designs, so that is what we're gonna give you!

The fact that you found us and are reading this makes us sooo ecstatic! We hope you love our products as much as we love making and wearing them. Now go on and check out our full product offering on our website. Grab a tee, tank, or sweater and wear it proudly to show your love for travel!


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